Friday, March 5, 2010

Speech for Grandma

As manyof you know my grandmother was a very important part of my life. (she had so many great stories and moments that we shared) I wrote a speech for her unvailing memoral servcie this weekend and i just wanted to share it in her memory.

Grandma’s Speech

My grandmother has had a big impact in my life and even though she would not believe this if I told her she provided me with so many the important life lessons. She taught me the importance of kindness, the importance of presentation and valuing the small things.
Kindness can come in many ways and my grandmother always believed that one should take care of others before themselves. She truly enjoyed giving things away; always saying she didn’t need so much. She always made sure everyone had enough to eat or a little gift when she saw you and this always impressed me. She was never selfish and got a true charge out of giving rather then receiving.
Grandma always liked things to be neat a clean. She was particular about this and even after she passed away and I went through some of her things I could not believe the time she took to make everything nice and tidy. She never would allow you to see her unless she looked her best, ill never forget you always had to tell grandma you were stopping by other wise she would not open the door. This skill is something I have tried (sometimes not as successful as her) to keep in mind. And every day when I go to work I have the job of teaching students the best way to act or dress for career success. My grandma knew that presentation was important and the way people see you holds values.
Being a simple woman my grandmother always enjoyed the small things, I could not believe when I went through her papers recently that every card, note, and letter I sent her she saved. As we all know grandma was notorious for throwing things out but she kept all those simple things and they had so much value to her. She enjoyed a phone call or a short visit and when you bought her something she always wanted you take it back. I believe this is the most important lesson I have learned from her and from this I, too, every day, thank G-d for the small things.
I miss her very much. She was the source of so much laughter and smiles in my life. I hope she really knew which I am sure she did how much I loved her and continue to think about the wonderful, meaningful and long lasting influence she had in my life.

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